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Early Adopter Files: How to Replace the Windshield in a BMW i3

I leased a 2015 BMW i3 and it is time to turn it back in. BMW Financial sends out a video to let people know what damage is OK, and what is not so a person does not get a nasty shock when they take the car back, presumably. While they allow a surprising amount of body damage, a chip in the windshield requires a new windshield. I live in Seattle, a major city with lots of i3's, and I have glass coverage from my gigantic, national, auto insurance company so how hard can it be? What follows is my month-long saga of windshield replacement attempts. [First, I called my insurance company.] Me: Hello, I need a new windshield in my i3 because I have a chip and BMW requires a new windshield before I return the car. Mega Insurance Company: Is the chip in the driver's line of vision? Me: Yes (it really was - not sure if it would have been out of pocket if it wasn't) Mega Insurance Company: OK, then that is covered. We don't handle windshields, we have contracted with Bla