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Wire Nut Alternative

My older house has fat, copper wires and new light fixtures always come with tiny wire nuts and the absolute smallest gauge, stranded wire that they can get away with using. Getting a good connection, while standing on a ladder, in the dark, while wearing bifocals, and trying to hold half assembled light while screwing on stupid, too small, wire nuts makes me exercise my more colorful vocabulary. The last time I had to do this I vowed to find an alternative. This is what I located: Lever Nuts. I ordered a box of these just to have around because, in an older house, you are going to have to replace a light fixture sooner or later. Yesterday I had my chance when I installed a new light fixture. I used 2 of these. The wires were connected in about 2 seconds and worked perfectly. Click - click. Done. Dammit. How long have these been available and I have been doing it the hard way all of this time!? Anyway, they come in different sizes and quantities, so I encourage every home owner to