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How Not to Travel to Philmont

Philmont Scout Ranch  in New Mexico is to Boy Scouts as Disney World is to everyone else - it is the place that Boy Scouts all want to visit. At over 200 square miles in size, it is the world's largest youth camp, and federal lands that surround it actually double the size of the area that is available for hiking and exploration. My son qualified for the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) and signed up for the week long course at Philmont.  We shopped for flights online and stupidly forgot that Southwest Airlines  is a) not on most travel sites, and b) really good at the southwest (doh!). So the best flight that I could locate was from American Airlines, but they don't really operate the flight. US Airways actually operates the flights. Despite their merger and the smiling photos on their press release, they still act like two companies that don't know anything about each other.  When it came time to check my son in for the flight, I went to the