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Alaska Vacation

This summer our little family traveled to Alaska at the invitation of my in-laws for a week of vacation at their cabin on the Kenai River . There are lots of photo opportunities for sure. On the road South from the airport in Anchorage we stopped at a simple, roadside lodge. This was what was behind the buildings: On the road south from Anchorage On the road south from Anchorage Later in the week we headed down to Seward to take a boat tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park from Major Marine Tours .  Small boat marina at Seward, AK Sure enough, we did see a glacier from the boat. Holgate Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park We also saw plenty of cool scenery... Kenai Fjords National Park (also a possible hiding place for a Horcrux ) Kenai Fjords National Park The animals of the park were the real stars of the trip. I didn't get photos of everything that we saw, but I did manage to capture images of Stellar Sea Lions... Stellar Sea Lions ..

The Driveway

I take the boys to their schools in the morning before I head to work. Baby Theo likes to run around a bit before he gets in the car, but his running around is not random. He almost always runs right out to the end of the driveway and stops. He looks down the street, and most of the time, he shouts. His shouts are just gibberish, for now, so I try to imagine what he is doing. Is he calling after his Mother, who leaves before us? Does his Saxon/Viking/Celtish heritage instinctively drive him to Shout when setting off on a voyage - somehow declaring his intent to the gods, or is he just yelling at a crow? I like the Viking theory the best, naturally, but I have always thought of driveways as magical places. Even as a child I thought about my parent's driveway and how it connected to the street, and that street connected to the highway, and the highway to the Interstate - and how I could go anywhere - and that all of those places were connected right to my driveway. I didn't
Alexander's 7th Grade Band Concert  Alex switched from clarinet to saxophone this year. He had one concert earlier in the year where he got to play the sax, and then 2 weeks before his final concert of the year, he crashed his bike and fractured his elbow. He just couldn't play the sax with one hand, but he was determined to be in the concert. The band teacher let him try the base drum, so he had not quite 2 weeks of practice and then performed in the concert. The appointment to remove his cast is for the day after the concert. Anyway, Alex and the band did great. Part 1 of 5:     Part 2 of 5   Part 3 of 5 Part 4 of 5 Part 5 of 5

Photo Book

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