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Are Your Papers In Order?

Today my son started his first day at middle school, but it almost didn't happen. My son attends a school in the Highline School District that has the endearing trait of pretending that they have never seen you before every year when school starts. So we went to enroll and received the stack of forms that we always get and gave them the information that we always have to give them. Yes, in 2012, in this very high tech area, you have to take off of work, drive to the school, and pick up pieces of paper and fill them out with all of the same information that you have given them every year that your child has been in school. Oh yes, they also assume that every family has a parent that can take off work and come to the school any time for any reason - but that is another story. Anyway, there was a brand new piece of paper this year and it asked about all of the health conditions that a student might have. Like an idiot, I was honest and checked the box for Asthma. Alex has very mild

The Weedwacker

This is me teaching Alex (age 12) to use the Weedwacker yesterday. Me: "So at this end you have what is a spinning blade, essentially, and it can cut off your fingers." Alex: "Great" Me: "At the other end you have a gas burning engine that can burn you." Alex: "What kind of machine is this?!" Me: "So do you want to use it?" Alex: "Well, yeah!"