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Dutch Oven Apple Crisp - A n00b's Guide

As my son has advanced in Scouting, I have continued to take classes and learn new things, too. One thing that is taught at every level of Scouting is Dutch Oven cooking. They take on an almost mythic proportion. A grizzled instructor will take out a 30lb, cast iron pot, start some charcoal, and pretty soon you have an amazing dinner. The people who really know how to use them can cook just about anything. At first it seems a bit over the top because it does take a bit of effort and you need a lot of gadgets, but I can tell you that good, hot food out of a Dutch Oven really can make a camping trip something special. Also, all men like gadgets and cooking with fire, so really it is a win-win. I have helped people cook, and I have done a little of my own cooking in a Dutch Oven, and I have reached the conclusion that the recipe writers all have some kind of conspiracy going. It is quite possible that I am just a n00b, but their cooking times are all off by about half, and it is my opi