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The Good Die Young

I am frequently called upon to resolve issues great and small with the computers of friends and family. This can be fun because I like to fix computers, and it can be a good excuse to visit with friends. Over the years, I have developed a theorem of computer ownership: A computer owner's attachment to their computer is inversely proportional to that computer's usefulness.  In other words, the older, slower, and more full of dust bunnies a computer is, the more an owner will swear that they can't live without it. Maybe this is because we fear change, or we grow comfortable with our things over time. I don't know, but someone should do a study. Just last weekend some friends had our little family over for dinner in the hopes of bribing me to fix their computer. (Note: this form of bribery is very efective on nerds). Their computer had to be one of the newest, nicest, and cleanest computers that I have ever been asked to fix - and it was dead. I don't mean, that it n

Seattle Winter Driving - A Five Step Class

As we know, Seattle comes to a screeching halt the second that a snowflake hits the pavement. Some of these issues are beyond our direct control. The articulated buses, for example, instantly crash if there is even a hint of ice or snow. All of them. Instantly. Since there are a lot of them, and they are quite large, and they tend to travel on major streets, they serve as a kind of auto-destruct mechanism for the city. During the "snow storm" (read: light dusting) just before Thanksgiving, 200 buses crashed or got stuck. Really. If terrorists could crash 200 busses at the same time, blocking major roads across the area, we would be knee deep in Homeland Security people. Perhaps they could get us better busses. Anyway, we can't control busses or the weather, but what we can control is - drum roll - ourselves. *gasp* I know, I know.  You might be saying to yourself, "I can't be expected to actually, you know, drive on ice or snow. That's crazy talk!" If