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Tell The TSA No - Politely

We need to stop acting like scared little sheep and follow the example in this blog: " My TSA Encounter ." This man was polite, but stuck to his insistance that the TSA has no legal right to require a pat down or backskatter body scan. We have constitutional protection from unreasonable search and seizure. One terrorist boards a flight overseas with an underwear bomb that didn't work, and now the TSA says that they have to grope grandma? No. Just no. Stop flying or block up the airports by politely refusing to submit, and the airlines will lose so much money that they will make the TSA back down. As a side note, it was on the news yesterday that most government officials are escorted around security, so this is really up to us. One more thing - making the selection for extra security screening "random" is not better. The police are not allowed to randomly frisk people on the sidewalk when those people are offering no probable cause that they have done somet