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Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Road to be "Fixed"

In the past I owned a Land Rover, and I did not just putter around town and do shopping with it. I actually took it up into the mountains during blizzards to go skiing, and I took it on National Forest Service "roads" (read: muddy, goat tracks) with like-minded friends. The greatest of these roads was The Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Road. The Middle Fork started off easily enough. The first bit is paved and passes perfect houses with perfect yards. That part ends very quickly, however, as the road dives into the forest. During the Spring snow melt, the river is a class 5 rapids, and the many sections of the road hang precariously to the side of a cliff. The road is often narrow, unhelpfully slanted towards the perilous drop, muddy, rutted, and slick. The "shoulders" of the road are best measured in inches, where they exist at all. There are no guard rails. If you go off the road, your best hope is that you will crash into a tree and stop before you land in