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The Awakening

*** Warning *** This story contains graphic content that childless people should not read. Dateline - July 10 th , 2009, Tukwila , WA, 2:30 AM PDT: I awoke from a sound sleep for no particular reason that I could detect. I prepared to roll over and fall back to sleep when I heard it in the next room - SPLATTER, "gasp!" I lept out of bed, scrambled for a robe, and ran to my son's room. I opened the door and - ewwwww . He was standing a few feet from the door, stupefied. In front of him was a small lake of barf and I had stepped right in it with my bare feet. It's been so long since I have had to get up in the night with him that I thought that my parental radar was no longer functioning. Apparently, I was mistaken. I told him to stand still a minute and got some towels so I could make a bridge for him to use to cross the lake of barf (LOB) and get to the bathroom. When I got the towels his brain ground back into action and he was able to get to the bathroom where