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Power Washing the Shrubbery

My son and I lead a fairly standard, suburban life. I take him to before-school care and then I go off to work. After work I go and get him and we go home for dinner. He has various after school activities that he attends and I take him around to those, too. On the weekends we try to do something fun, and if the weather is decent we do a bit of yard work. That description could probably cover a large percentage of suburban households with school age kids. My next door neighbor is retired. When I say he is retired, I mean he is properly retired. He used to work, and now he does not. No second jobs. No going in to the office once in a while. He and his wife have an Airstream trailer and they use it fairly often. His primary hobby, bordering on obsession, is yard maintenance. My yard is OK. Just OK. Bits of it are kind of nice, and other bits of it are almost feral. I do lawn care because I must. Since it rains 9 months of the year here, and never really gets very cold, the vegetati