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The Election

My son and I were for Obama, and we were glad to see him win, but at 8 years old he doesn't really understand what just happened. In his election night victory speech, Obama's first comment was that his victory proves that America is still a place where anything is possible. I agree, but I think that his victory means so much more than that. Ever since September 11th, 2001, the present administration has used fear to rule the country, bully the world, and justify the invasion of Iraq. They have used that fear to assault our civil liberties, torture captives, wire tap US citizens without a warrant, and commit countless atrocities in our name. Bush, Karl Rove, and the conservative radio and TV pundits whipped a paranoid base into a frenzy. If you were not in agreement then you were quite simply not an American. Lie after lie was told to the American people, and the people gobbled them up, repeated them, exaggerated them, and then emailed them to all of their friends. When