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Mt Si

Last weekend, we climbed Mt Si . Mt Si is 4000 feet tall, which is not that high as mountains go, but the climb is 4 miles of steep switchbacks to the top, so it is a bit of a workout. I last climbed Mt Si just after I moved to Washington in the early 1990's. As you may know, I am not aging. Children grow up, time passes, etc., but I am not any older (dammit) and the early 90's were just the other day. Some people who are fussy about calendars and math might say that it has actually been over 15 years since I climbed Mt Si, but that is really just a rounding error when compared to the age of the mountain. Besides, if it has been a while, then perhaps erosion from all of this rain that we have should have worked in my favor and reduced the height of the mountain, right? We started our adventure with the directions. Not the directions up and down the mountain because there is really only one trail, and that is pretty straight forward. I mean the directions to the parking area a