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The Railing

One of the joys of home ownership is that one owns the whole house. The good bits and the rotten bits. All yours now. That is one thing that real estate agents, mortgage bankers, and other home owners seem to fail to explain to people that buy houses. With the purchase of the house you will also inherit a permanent, expensive hobby: home maintenance. Yard maintenance, and building maintenance. Oh you wanted to go and do something this weekend? Perhaps you would like to purchase some nice thing for yourself. Hahahahah . Um, no. My friend, allow me to show you around Home Depot. Get to know the merchandise. Meet the staff. You will be spending most of your free time, and disposable income, here. There would not have been a mortgage crisis if someone handed out a pamphlet like that to prospective home buyers. Our latest project at the house was to replace the deck railing. All 67 feet of it. The project started simply enough. "Oh look, a rotten board. I should replace that." T