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Scout Camp is For Scouts

Last weekend I went with Alex and his Cub Scout Pack to the annual summer camp. I still maintain that a) I am not old and , b) I am not getting any older, but I did notice a difference between the Scout's glowing reports of camp in previous years and my experience. Our summer has been very strange. We have had so much rain and cool weather which lead right up to camp. We didn't know if we should pack sun screen or a life raft, but the clouds parted and gave us (almost) 4 full days of sunny weather. Lots of sun after lots of rain equals what? Humidity. Being in the woods equals no wind or breeze of any kind so we had 4 days of 90 degree, humid weather and no breeze. I have officially turned into a softy because in Kansas we typically had, oh, 90 or 100 days of weather like that (except a with a constant 30 mph wind), but our wussy Seattle bodies were not suited to that environment. We made the Scouts carry a water bottle everywhere they went, and we all drank gallons of the ca