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Kids and Tide Pools = Cheap Entertainment

IMG00105 Originally uploaded by todbookless Last weekend we went out to a beach on Vashon Island and explored tide pools at low tide. There were crabs under lots of the rocks, barnacles on everything, muscles and sand dollars all over, and we even saw some purple starfish. There were also the clams that squirted us. We have done this sort of thing before at different beaches around The Sound and we always see something new. Rubber boots and maybe a change of pants are all that are required. Why don't we take off our shoes and wade right in? Have a look at the picture. Barnacles are sharp, and the water is freezing. Being from Kansas, my idea of a beach is what I had seen on TV. Warm and sunny. I learned quickly that we don't have those beaches here, but what we do have is still a lot of fun. Various tools for making sand castles or digging around in the sand are helpful, but if you don't have them then the kid can always use a stick. We practice the Cub Scout ethic of &

Best Cops Quote Ever

We love to watch the show Cops . There I said it. I know that it is not fashionable, but they have been on the air for 20 years so I know that I am not the only one. My sisters are mortified that I watch it, but all the makers of Cops do is walk around with a camera and follow the police. The show is an unvarnished view of the human condition. No editorializing, no announcer with a dramatic voice, no instant replay, and no script - just a camera following the police. Many excellent Cops spoofs have been made over the years, including an X-Files episode which was pure genius, and a movie called " Drop Dead Gorgeous " which was hysterical. Of course, Reno 911 and the cast of brilliant improve actors are just perfect. One of the many excellent aspects of Cops is that we the viewers get to see different cities that are all over the country. The different accents and attitudes are great. As a Kansan living in kinder, gentler Seattle, I sometimes have problems with being too pl

Pinewood Derby

00027 Originally uploaded by todbookless Last weekend was Alexander's Cub Scout pack's annual Pinewood Derby. If you are unfamiliar with this tradition, it is a contest where the Cubs get a small block of pine, 4 plastic wheels, and 4 nails to use as axles. They cut out and decorate their cars however they like. The cars are put on a track and race downhill powered by gravity alone. They can't weigh more than 5 ounces, but otherwise the kids can really do what they like with the cars for the most part. I have a certain amount of bad feelings around this event from my Cub Scout days. My parents never attended a meeting with me, or helped in any way, and when it came time for the derby, my dad kind of left me to it. This is supposed to be a project that the kids do with the parents, but my Dad was busy watching sports on TV or sleeping, and my Mom was reading a book. Needless to say, my car was extremely lame. For decoration, Dad gave me some very old house paint. This